Pedal Under Grace a bicycle journey of 3000km from Melbourne to Alice Springs. It is estimated the journey would be about 6-8 weeks in duration. Through this journey we hope to

  • Ride bicycle for the simplicity of it!
  • Promoting cycling as a lifestyle and practical mode of everyday transport
  • Explore Australia from the coastline to the desert country
  • Become an advocate for Compassion Australia
  • Discover, reflect, appreciate and change the perspective in our daily  living
  • Share this experience with everyone (readers) and hopefully you could also gain something from our journey.

Proposed Route

Melbourne to Alice Springs 2009

Melbourne to Alice Springs 2009

3 Responses to “About”

  1. RodElbow Says:

    Wow Mate, go for it … there will be a few surprised people when you get to Alice! Hope you both have a great trip, look forward to the updates. 100% chance you are going to get there, since you have been from Brisbane to Melbourne.

  2. Gabby Castiglione Says:

    Hi Chee, what a fantastic effort ! I made a booking the other day and sadly they said you had left. They told me what you were up to and how to contact you, and I just wanted to wish you and the team all the best for a wonderful journey.

  3. Hi Anh
    What a wonderful experience.
    The pictures are stunning.
    I am amazed at your accomplishments.
    All the best
    kids Under Cover

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