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Uluru and Its Mysterious Colours

Posted in Diary on January 30, 2011 by harydial

Day 45

14 May 2009

Kata Tjuta-Uluru-Ayers Rock Resort

Riding approximately 50km from Kata Tjuta back to Uluru was a bit of an effort. After the big walk into the Valley of the Winds, we plan to ride to Uluru and get some good sunset shots. We got to Uluru at about 5pm. That leaves about 1 hour or so to get into a good spot for some sunset photos.

We realized that to take a good picture of Uluru like how the postcards all look (or close to)….we have to get to the ‘Uluru Sunset Viewing Point’. This is the only spot where all the tourist will gather and be awed by the changing colours of Uluru.  It’s also the best legal spot to be at during sunset to capture the changing colours of Uluru.

The sun is setting right about now!

Starting to hit the rock face

It gets a little red

More red and Intense

Glowing Red!

Well witnessing how Uluru glows based on how the sun hits the rock face reminds me of how this part of the land is really beautiful and mystical at the same time. By the time the sun sets it’s already dark. It’s about 8km back to the Ayers Rock resort. This is the ONLY accommodation for all tourist in the area. Whether you like it or not, if you want to stay over for a night in this area this is the place to stay/camp. Not other areas of legal camping or sleep over is allowed.

Well surprises happens all the time. A few kilometers riding into total darkness,  it got much harder to turn the pedals. The rear tyre also felt soft. Soon I realized the mighty XR finally gave in and had its first punctured.

It was such a pain trying to locate the puncture and patch up the tube. While changing the tyre, we notice a ranger patrol car was patrolling along the highway making sure there were no dodgy camping around the area by cyclist…lol…we just indicate to them that we needed to patch up this tube and then we will be on our way back to the accommodation area.

There are some basic facilities in the area. We decided for once to use the gas powered stove for cooking. Fast and easy. No fiddling around with the metho stove tonight. Tomorrow is another big day!. We will make it for the sunrise face of Uluru!