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Missed Shots

Posted in Diary on April 21, 2009 by harydial

7 Colours Greeting

Open Waters


Golden Afternoon

 Blessed Afternoon


Fixed n Mawson Trails

Posted in Diary on April 20, 2009 by harydial

Well at the moment we are at Kapunda a town where the Barossa Valley finishes. We rode in the Barossa yesterday and today. This entry is made possible at a public library at kapunda. I am writing this while Anh’s is meeting a police at a local police station. Hmm well this morning while taking some photo’s on the Mawson Trail ( A off road bike trail in SA) we were attacked by fire ants. Well as we were trying to flick off those killer ants, I guess Anh dropped his wallet. He only realized it like now. The place is about 20km away from where we are now. Quite a while on a push bike. Anyway, praise God we called the local police and they managed to locate the wallet. Anh is riding 8km now back to a local station to pick it up.

Well another praise report is that we manage to find a new quick release. I guess all the bike shop in Adelaide does not stock it except Bicycle Express in Adelaide. After consulting with the mechanic, the trailer is now up and running without problems at all. The bike is now flying….thats just so awesome.

Well for the rest of the week we’ll ride the Mawson as much as we can. There are no cars at all. Its a rough off road trail that sneaks through vineyards. Average speed there is about 10km/hour. Not all that fast but I guess we are touring.

The Mawson trail extends for about 900km. Impressive considering a cycling trail stretches for 900km from Adelaide through to the Flinders Range.

I hope to include more entries in from time to time. However it would only get more and more remote as we head inland. Also the sticky flies are getting more and more by the numbers. Time to put the fly net on.

Most of all thanks for all the comments and your visit to our site.

Hope to update again in a few days time. Safe pedalling ahead.

Snip ‘n’ Snap

Posted in Diary on April 19, 2009 by harydial

Hello Everyone,

Some latest updates……sometimes things are not all that smooth. One big drama we had was the quick release of Anh’s BOB trailer almost snapped into half. That means the rear wheel and the trailer will fall off if this is not fixed. We were about 20km out from Adelaide heading towards the Flinders Range when this episode happened.

Well the whole Sunday morning was spent trying to rectify the problem. Without a new BOB quick release we cant go anywhere. So with a lot of persistence and perserverance we rode slowly back towards Adelaide city with a dodgy quick release hoping it wont snap into half over time. As today is a Sunday quite a few bike shops were closed. We found 2 shops that were open but they can’t help us. To order a new BOB (the name of the trailer) quick release takes 1 week.

We are hoping to look for a shop that has this particular quick release in stock. Hopefully tomorrow which is a Monday we can find one at one of the largest bike shop in Adelaide. We believe…Amen.

Another bike equipment that snapped was my ESGE kickstand. I suppose because the loaded bike is so heavy, the pins that hold the kickstand together snapped into half about 5 days ago. The thing is with a loaded bike and if you are on the road, a bike stand does wonders. It allows the bike to stand upright without the need to lean on something like a tree or pole. Sometimes there is no tree or pole in the middle of a remote road/trail.

Well praise God the problem was fixed not at a bike shop but at a metal welding place. The ironsmith managed to cut me a new metal pin and with some hammering around managed to put the kickstand back together. All for AUD 5.00. So far the kickstand is all good and doing its job in making sure my bike is in an upright position.

Meanwhile another day stranded in Adelaide. Well we’ll try to take it easy, relax and see what unfolds tomorrow.

Let There Be Light

Posted in Devotion on April 19, 2009 by harydial

Shinning Light

When evening arrives, its time to set up camp or look for a campsite if we are in the bush area. There were a couple of occasions when we set up camp after the sun has gone down. Fiddling around the panniers and trying to set up camp and cook with minimal light can be extremely frustrating especially after riding for 6-8 hours on the road. You are hungry, needing a shower and with tired legs makes it all more difficult. However with a head torch or a lamp it makes the whole process loads more easier. Light enable us to see in the dark. hmm sounds really simple but its really a big part of our life.

Similarly, I believe in my life the light that guides me is Jesus Christ. Jesus says I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life. (John 8:12). When I am at the crossroads of life I need Him to help me to make decisions. When the road of life  is dark/unclear we need light. When I am in a challenging situation and need to make wise decisions its like riding on a  dark road with potholes.  I cant see where I am going. But with light I can see  where are the potholes and make wise decision to maneuver around them.


In the life of King David, he says The Lord is my light and my salvation whom shall i fear? (Psalms 27:1). During the reign of King David, the Lord delivered him from his enemies among them the Philistines. There is a verse in David’s songs of praise recorded in 2 Samuel 22:29 which says You are my lamp, O Lord; the Lord turns my darkness into light.


Hence it is comforting for me to know that in my life  there is a ‘light’ thats always ahead of me. A God that I can always call out to for counsel, for direction, for help, and even more so to express praise and gratitude during time of thanksgiving. A ‘light’ that would guide me every step of the way in my lifetime whether it is  through dark, stormy, misty  or bright pathway ahead of me.

I am blessed, Amen.

Great Ocean Sequel

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Apollo Bay

Apollo Bay Engraving

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Melbourne to Great Ocean Road…Picture Specials!

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Weribee River

Camping By The River


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Posted in Devotion on April 7, 2009 by harydial

One thing that comes to mind while riding is you focus on the ‘basic’ or ‘simple’ things in life. I believe while undertaking this journey I am in the ‘simplicity mode’.

What is the ‘simplicity mode’ according to my context? I guess I am deeply appreciative and overwhelmed with the basic human needs notably knowing an awesome God created the heavens and the earth. Isaiah 45:18 says

he who created the heavens, he is God he who fashioned and made the earth, he founded it; he did not created it to be empty, but formed it to be inhabited-he says: “I am the Lord there is no other.

I know that our God the creator is not a complex God. Sometimes we search for God all the time but He is every single moment around us and love to fellowship with us. What I am reminded everyday is as I open my eyes I see His creation everywhere this all tells me that He created all this and its right in front of my eyes. This simplicity mode simply bring my focus back to Him.

The joy of just eating, eating all kinds of food at the end of a tiring day, basic shower ( a hot one ideally), dry tent and sleeping bag to sleep in simply just makes me happy and  content. Just with all these often reminded me that I often do not need to overconsume. Living sustainably is sufficient to lead a comfortable and exciting lifestyle.

I am blessed with His goodness and under His cloud of protection constantly. We’ll keep the pedals rolling forward. A simple act that continue to propels us forward. Amen





The Beginnings

Posted in Diary on April 5, 2009 by harydial

Melbourne Church

We left Melbourne CBD on the 31 March towards the Great Ocean Road.  It is about 250km in length.

Leaving Federation Square

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Great Ocean Road Update

Posted in Diary on April 2, 2009 by harydial

Hello everyone,

Hmmm running into problems of uploading photos. Internet here is very expensive as well. Nevertheless so far its been one of the most amazing riding we’ve done.

We are at Apollo Bay at the moment. Its about 100km from the 12 Apostles/Port Campbell. We really do hope to get some good internet connection in 2 days time and upload some serious photo.

Anyway everyone is well. Felt so bless to be alive and doing this ride. Been very windy and cold today along the road.

Will try our best to get some photos up in the next post. Thanks heaps for all the comments as well.

Pedal Under His Blessings,