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Boxing to Melbourne

Posted in Diary on March 29, 2009 by harydial

Boxing Day

Boxes are Ready

Boxing day has arrived. The nights would be spent boxing up the bikes and gear for tomorrow’s start of the journey. The trailer was a bit of an tricky one to box as it appears to be wider than a standard bicycle.


Jamis & BOB in the Box!

Surly in Box

Thin & Slim

Late Nights

Taping Artwork

The Ride

Tight in the Van but it fits…woohooo!!

Dawning Day

28 March has arrived. Finally time to get going on our journey. First destination is to head to the airport.

Juggling Act

Trolley & Manouvre


Into Weigh In Counter

Trolley Action

Free Ride!

Rammed it in!

Super Oversized

Weigh In

Hmmm maybe wee bit too heavy!!!


With all the oversize baggage drama, there was also media coverage on our trip. Pretty random but I guess a bit more publicity is always good for our bike journey. We did a brief interview with the media crew answering some basic questions about our journey.

Channel 7

Yay we are on TV!!!

Security Gate

On last goodbye before security check in

Departing Crew

Thanks for the sent off!

300L Packs

Touched down in Tullamarine

We arrived at Melbourne at about 11pm and proceed to find our way to Melbourne Central. We figured out finding a route with least number of cars and setup the bikes its the way to do it.

Hmmm which direction!

Locating Bearings


Drag & Push


Let’s start the bike jigsaw

Bike Work

Lets get it rolling

Tralier Jigsaw

Putting the BOB bits together

Rear Positioning

Hooking up the trailer to the rear wheel


Front Rack Bolting

All setup woohoo!

Finally after some considerable amount of time setting up the bikes we are ready to ride towards Melbourne. Melbourne is about 25km away from Tullamarine airport. Weather was excellent with extreme blue skies, low humidity & mid 20’s tempreture.


On the way to Melbourne


The Melbourne landmark. Flinders Station. We’ve arrived!!! To start the ride.

We’ll be leaving Melbourne on the 31st March and heads towards The Great Ocean Road. Stay tuned for more updates from the coastline in the coming days.


Posted in Sponsors on March 26, 2009 by harydial

JetBlack Products are partnering with Pedal Under Grace by sponsoring us with top quality cycling equipment for this journey. We are blessed to have their support and we share the same vision in releasing children from poverty in Jesus  Name.

JetBlack Products is a proud supporter of Compassion and sponsors a number of Compassion Kids. “We believe in having a business and living a life that is larger than ourselves”, says JetBlack Director Tony Simmonds.

“Compassion is an organisation that has shown consistent results over a number of years in their ability to positively impact people’s lives. By sponsoring the children we impact their families, this then causes positive changes in villages which influences the course of their nation.”

JetBlack Products cycling products are available in most major cycling retail stores. Visit

24 Hours

Posted in Diary on March 26, 2009 by harydial

Hi Everyone, It’s all getting very exciting. Down to 24 hours to go. Bike packing would be the main activity for the last few moments before we leave for Melbourne. Past few days has been spent on bike servicing, fine tuning and getting together all the gear from our checklist.

We’ll endeavour to update a little bit more from Melbourne before we officially set off. Stay tuned for some photos and updates in the next few days.

All is well in the Pedal Under Grace Camp.


Posted in Media on March 20, 2009 by harydial

Hello Family, Friends & Visitors:

There is a feature on our journey on Compassion website at this link. Compassion is the primary cause we are riding for on this journey. We are also humbled and grateful that the stats hit of Pedal Under Grace has grown to 1000+ hits thus far. Thanks everyone for visiting and supporting our journey.

Much Appreciated,

Team PedalUnderGrace


Posted in Sponsors on March 18, 2009 by harydial


Sieverts Radiation Protection Consultancy specializes in offering premium consultancy services for medical radiation premises shielding design.

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Sieverts offers its expertise for medical facilities such as:

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Other consultancy sevices include:

  • Staff training on radiation protection & safety
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Mt Tamborine Pedal Dance

Posted in Training on March 16, 2009 by harydial

Sky & Plains

Mt Tamborine was the pick for this training session. We finally got almost 85% of our gear ready to be tested. Mt Tamborine is situated about 60km from Brisbane and it has long moderate  steep climbs up to the top. It is an excellent location for building strength endurance.

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Blackall Range Climb

Posted in Training on March 10, 2009 by harydial


A longer and more ‘brutal’ training session was planned for the weekend. The rough idea is to ride as many hills/small mountains as possible with a loaded bike. This gives us all a good idea of how our body and bikes will respond when we set off in a few weeks time.

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Hill Hit Out

Posted in Training on March 2, 2009 by harydial


Top of Channel Ten

Training session begins with a Mt cootha tourist loop ride. Just a great way to see how the  bikes &  legs respond to the winding hill. A good short session to get things going.
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99 Bikes The Gap

Posted in 99 Bikes on March 2, 2009 by harydial

99 Bikes The Gap offers exceptional quality in service and sales of bicycles & accessories. Its a one stop bicycle shop which offers a huge selection of bikes and their guarantee is that they are a always number 1 on price.

Wide Selection of Bikes

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