Burn Baby Burn

We will be using our trusty Trangia as the main cooking stove for this trip. We are also supplementing more fire & cooking power with a self made cat can stove for those days where food need to be cooked ‘fast’ for the hungry cyclist.

Stove In Action

Our old mate Trangia and cat can stove on the right

Metho All the Way

Metho Powered Trangia

Post trip review: The trangia performed flawlessly as long there is enough metho to go around. As we were riding in the backroads of Australia, metho was easily found. A standard size metho cost about AUD 5.00 could last us two for about 10 days cooking once a day for dinner.

The trangia maintenance was low as guaranteed by trangia. Windy conditions also was not a problem as it comes with its own wind proof piece. Our trangia  was the duossal version. Its very tough and no matter how you abuse the pots & pan, scrubbing everyday it still performs well.

The only drawback of the stove was the speed. It takes longer to cook overall. This can be a bit of an issue after a long hard day of riding and you need a good warm meal in the fastest time possible.

As we cook fairly decent meals for dinner (i.e. veg-meat-carbs) to make sure we have adequate supplement, using the trangia can take a longer time as compared to a gas stove.

Overall its still a great stove and performs exceptionally well over the years.

2 Responses to “Kitchen”

  1. William Tan Says:

    ahh.. memories bro!!!

  2. Anthony Says:

    Hey Chee hong. you can cook really delicious dampa in these things, leave the lid on, put it on the lowest heat and break open the crust for yet another delicious vegitarian meal

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