What does Pedal Under Grace means?

The title Pedal Under Grace hopes to capture the amazing Grace of Jesus Christ. Whatever we do or are able to do is only possible through His Grace. Hence this whole journey is only made possible not because ‘we can’ or ‘we are able to’ but because He enabled us to through His Grace.

Since we will be predominantly pedalling through the whole proposed route, that would pretty much be our main activity. Hence we are ‘Pedalling Under His Grace’.

Why Melbourne to Alice Springs?

Well in the previous years we have ridden through from Brisbane to Sydney to Melbourne on 2 separate occasion. The route from Melbourne onwards is a bit of an unknown to us. So we’ll be starting from Melbourne (as a sequel) and go through the Great Ocean Road – Adelaide – Flinders Ranges – Coober Pedy – Uluru – Kata Tjuta- Kings Canyon – Alice Springs.

We are planning to finish in Alice Springs because it is situated in the heart/center of Australia woh what an Australian icon!!! The other reason is pretty obvious thats because we can get a plane back to Brisbane  when we are done.

Why the Bicycle?

There are a few reasons why we decide to travel by bicycle. The reasons are:

  • Just enjoy riding a bicycle!
  • Its the most efficient yet simple mode of transportation. This is to say for every K’s a person cover, the amount energy required on a bicycle to cover that distance is the least if you compared it to walking or driving.
  • Green no carbon foot print or global warming
  • Keeps you too fit! It works like an extension from your human body…Go figure….
  • Quiet mode of transport
  • Experience your environment, weather, every single gravel on the road first hand! You really understand the geographical area you are travelling through
  • Appreciate how powerful and awesome God’s nature is because we are not sheltered.
  • Can start and stop anywhere everywhere easily
  • No traffic jam yippee!!!

On the average, how far do you’ll plan to pedal on a daily basis?

Hmmm…based on experience, riding 100km a day is very possible on sealed roads. That would usually take about 7-8 hours a day of pedalling with 1-2 hours of eating time in between.  We are also planning to take minor unsealed tracks when we head in land from Adelaide towards Alice Springs. Depending how corrugated the roads are we may only be covering 50-70km a day if the roads are very rough in some areas.

What is the motivation behind embarking on such a journey?

Harydial: I always have the urge and desire to ride my bike to far away places. I believe this sits in my heart for a reason. It’s a channel for me to express freedom, to praise our Creator and somehow using journey such as these to share my thoughts and experience with other people.

What would  you’ll be eating and drinking throughout this journey?

Budget and daily nutritional needs to power our legs would be the main factor in dictating what we’ll be putting into our bodies. Usually in areas that are more populated we could stock up fresh food on a daily basis. We could buy the food in the afternoon and carry it with us till the evening to be cooked on our stove when we stop to camp.

In more remote areas that may take a few days to get to another town, we may carry dried foods, muesli bars, can food or instant noodles to last the distance. These foods would have a longer shelf life under the hot sun.

Drinks predominantly would be just water. We have a water filter with us in case the water available is a bit dodgy or questionable. We could put it through the filter for peace of mind.  If we are around shops a can of soft drink is always a good source of instant energy.

Whats in your panniers (Bicycle Bags)?

We endeavour to  carry simple basic equipment for survival on our panniers & trailers. These includes tents, sleeping gear, stove, cookery, hygiene solution, stationary for journals, electronics, bike repairs gear, food and water.

Probably one of the more challenging issue would be carrying water when water sources are limited. We may carry 20L of water on some remote stretches which would be HEAVY!

We are also planning to do some food parcel drop off along the way on an address location/ town. We are hoping to do this before we depart. This would be a wiser option because we could pick up the parcel as we go along and dig into those precious food in remote towns.

Is travelling by bicycle for extended period of time a cheap mode of travel?

Personally I have divided views at answering this question.  Travelling by bike is generally inexpensive if you choose to. The most costly bit of a bike journey would be the bicycle (a one can last you for many years) & the equipment. The rest I would say can be cheap or reasonable.

If you choose to camp wild as much as you can, try cooking meals and limit eating at shops/food outlets, probably AUD 15-20 a day would be enough for a person in Australia.

However because you are constantly powering yourself with your legs you get hungry very quickly and have to snack very often. On top of that, travelling by bike from point A to B definately takes a longer time as compared to if you travel by a motorized transport. Those extras days on the road means more money is spent on food. These can all add up.

So the verdict is  travelling by bike generally is not expensive if you budget and try to stick to it as much as you can. In return, because you are travelling human powered, you get to see places at a slower pace, have more time to soaked in the views, become extremely fit and still have heaps of amazing experience & fun. (and of course more photo taking opportunities!)

Are there any dangers or threats involve in this kind of journey?

🙂 Yes the unpredictable and unknown factor is always there. To be honest if we would want to list it down it will be quite too many! It will also be a waste of time trying so hard to think about what negative issues may arise….and we eventually become worried!!

We are putting the unknown factors into the hands of Jesus Christ.  We do  take a few precautions such as weather conditions, taking enough food & water, spares for the bike and navigational equipment. However factors that are unpredictable and beyond our capabilities would not be of  worry  to us for He says ‘ Do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself’ Matthew 6:34. Jesus says that He has given enough grace for us to live only for today. When a new day dawns, He will pour out a different chapter of His grace for that new day.

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