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The Birth (Building Trucker IV)

Posted in Technical Biking on February 24, 2009 by harydial


The fourth visit to the lab involves the measurement of the height of the fork and front cantilever brake installation.  Once the optimal position on the bike is determined, the height of the fork is then set and any access steel is saw way.  On a touring bike, a more upright position is desired because of the many hours on the saddle.

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Building The Long Haul Trucker III

Posted in Technical Biking on February 17, 2009 by harydial

Bike Laboratory

Birth Room of the Trucker

The 3rd visit to the bike laboratory involve setting up the cantilever brakes for the Trucker and installation of the Nice Front Rack. Cantilever brakes was the choice because of its simplicity and low level of maintenance. Continue reading

Building the Long Haul Trucker II

Posted in Technical Biking on February 11, 2009 by harydial

Nice Single Shifter!This is the second sequel/visit to the bike laboratory. In this episode, we managed to get the Rohloff system setup and running 95% of its capacity. Some minor adjustment and fine tuning still need to be made with the cabling effort.

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Building The Long Haul Trucker I

Posted in Technical Biking on February 3, 2009 by harydial

Building a custom bicycle has been my dream ever since I was 12. Finally  I am blessed with the opportunity to custom built an expedition grade touring bike. With the help of Steve bike mechanic from 99 Bikes The Gap this is the first few steps in putting together the Surly Long Haul Trucker.

Long Haul Trucker

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Hello world!

Posted in Technical Biking on January 24, 2009 by harydial
Sydney 2005 Memories

Sydney 2005 Memories

Welcome to Pedal Under Grace! Through this blog we hope to document a portion of our proposed journey from the preparation phase to we believed our finishing line somewhere around May 09 in Alice Springs. The picture above was from the first ‘distance’ bike trip in 2005 from Brisbane to Sydney. In the coming days there gradually would be more updates on our preparation for this super cool journey.