The Luritja Turnoff

Day 48

17 May 2009

Luritja Turn off to 60 km from Kings Canyon


Total Riding Time: 7hours 4minutes 34seconds

After getting up early, we decided to cover more kilometers today to get as close as possible to Kings Canyon. We did the turnoff to Luritja highway with a welcome change to the surrounding landscapes.

The turnoff to Luritja Road that leads to Kings Canyon

Looking upwards to this sign, Alice Spring is still quite a distance away.

As we were pedalling along, we almost ran over this creature like road train of the animal kingdom. However, it was probably traveling at about 5 metres/hour….!

Lunch again on the roadside of the quite highway. This stretch of road probably have about 1 car for every 20minutes. Anh is actually looking pretty camouflage. I think we have been riding around the bush for too many days.

Well the day was filled with a slightly different landscapes. The roads here are very quite too. It’s been cloudy the whole day so it was rather cool and windy. No complaints at all…..

End of Day 48

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