Exploring Uluru’s Mysterious Surroundings

Day 46

15 May 2009

Ayers Resort-Uluru-Ayers Resort-10km off

105.38km (Circling around the Rock most of the time!)

Average Speed 19.7km/hr

After yesterday’s late night and dinner, we got up about an hour before sunrise. Basically we need to time it well to ride from the camping spot to the sunrise spot at Uluru. Although it’s still totally dark at about 6am there were many buses already on the road having the same idea as us.

Pretty glorious morning. The sunrise spot is great but from a photography point of view, it’s more up close and makes it harder to capture the full glowing rock in the frame.

What better way to have breakfast in front of the ever changing colors of Uluru when the sun hits its rock face. Bread and Spread….can’t go wrong with this combination.

‘Cafe’ with one of the best views on earth! Haha it’s free too just bring ya own breakfast!

Uluru actually has a tarmac road built around it. However in between the tarmac and Uluru itself, its a sandy path that’s about 9.5 km in circumference. So to ride around it and explore different spots at the same time actually would take up to 2-3 hours.

The different faces of Uluru.

Trees growing from within the surrounding boulders

Path just for walkers and cyclist. The surrounding giant rocks and boulders gives an unreal experience and the area is actually spiritual…it feels different!

Nice contrast of hardened rocks and clear blue skies

To finally get to Uluru was really humbling and amazing. Sometimes we see Uluru so ever often in books and postcards. We got out chance today to ride around it and be in it. It is something I’ll remember for a long time. It is one of the beautiful/mystical area in on earth you would definitely want to visit given a chance.

We choose not to do the climb on to the top of Uluru. I believe if this is the wish of the traditional resident in the area…we will respect it. They have been the traditional owners of the land. It is also interesting to note that there were a few areas around Uluru that are sacred. Photography are forbidden as this areas are used for certain ceremonies by them.

Farewell Uluru. We managed to bought a few souvenirs from the shop.  Stickers of Uluru on the bike always looks good!

We follow the Lasseter Highway back to our camping spot. Did a few clean ups and pack up for food. They have an IGA in the resort with reasonable prices. Basically there are no other communities in this area (except the traditional Anangu people). The only community here is where the resort is. It’s man made area to cater for all travelers into this area.

We figured that it would take another 2-3 days to arrive at Kings Canyon about 300km away. So we bought few days worth of food. As you can imagine most food are reasonable pricier because of its remote location.

This is the most greens we have seen in a long time….hahaha since great ocean road. This patch of perfect glowing green lawn is found within the resort/accommodation area. Man made all the way (planted)…..what a great piece of lawn to pitch a tent!

Not far now to Kings Canyon and then to Alice Springs. By the time we left the resort it was already afternoon. 1-2 hours of cycling brought us back to the bush camp area.

Unpacking and setting up camp again. This has become such a routine. Continuation of day 47….tomorrow

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