Valley Of The Winds

Day 45

14 May 2009

Trekking Valley of the Winds and Uluru


Total Riding Time: 5hours 19minutes 45secs

We got to the start of the Valley of The Winds Walk before anyone else. This is the main walk into the depth of Kata Tjuta and into a different world. Kata Tjuta literally means ‘many heads’ in the traditional owners language. It was still sort of dark when we started.

The whole circuit is 7.4km in length. The circuit is closed in summer when extreme temperature hits. We took with us some supplies for brekky and water of course.

Basically the circuit takes you into the winding path of the ‘heads’. These towering rocks can blew your mind away. What that means is it makes you wonder how out of nowhere  these rocks literally ‘grew’ out from the ground.

Ionman feeling overwhelmed

It gets better when the morning sun hits the rock face

Artifacts on the wall

The narrow gap opens up to some amazing views of the rock formation

Having brekky among the ‘Giants’

Walking to the morning market with the Green shopping bag

Karingana Lookout promises some overwhelming sights

As we transverse the steep rocky trail, the trail opens up to many other ‘heads’ down into the valley. One must also say that this walk is actually very windy in some parts. The wind here cuts through the rocks and into the valley.

This all makes the trek worthwhile

Feral camel sightings

Inspirational Place

As we were finishing up the walk, the tour buses started to arrive. Overall this is a must do activity if you are in Kata Tjuta. The walk is not overly tough. If you are into photography, this place is absolutely inspirational.

Kata Tjuta from Docker River Road

See ya Kata Tjuta

Uluru we will be there very soon!

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