Wonders of the Central Outback

Day 44

13 May 2009

60km from Yulara to Kata Tjuta


Total Riding Time: 6hours 48minutes 17seconds

This morning we are anticipating to get the first glimpse of Uluru & Kata Tjuta. We are about 70km from Uluru. Effectively it’s about 60km to Uluru Resort (Yulara) and another 10km to Uluru itself.

70k to THE PLACE to be!

The Lasseter Highway pretty much only leads to Uluru and Kata Tjuta. As these 2 landmarks are a massive tourist attraction there were lots of coach tours passing by us every few minutes.

After 2 hours of cycling, we finally caught a glimpse of Uluru (Ayers Rock). From afar it totally can’t be miss because out of nowhere you notice this majestic RED rock that glows impressively.

We officially entered into Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

The arrangement in the National Park is that any visitors/tourists to the area have only 1 option for accommodation. Everyone are required to stay in the Yulara Resort. Not sure why is there a ‘resort’ word but if you want to camp/rent a cabin/rent a room that is the only place. No other place in the National Park are you allowed to camp or park your caravan etc.

The Yulara Resort is about 10km from the Uluru Rock itself and about 50km from Kata Tjuta (The Olgas). So it’s actually not that near especially for push bikers to get to these landmarks from Yulara.

There is an IGA at Yulara. We decided to checked in to the ‘Resort’ first. It cost 16 dollars per head per night to pitch a tent on the lawn. We set up our tent and unload some of our pannier bags & trailer. We then went to got more food at the supermarket.

This treat works great. Simple sugars & saturated fat for instant energy! Eating this ice cream in the midday sun is tricky. It melts so fast that you got to eat it doubly fast before it becomes like milkshake.

Before visitors get into the National Park there is a fee paying kiosk. I think it was about AUD25 per person for a 3 day pass into the National Park. Push bikers are no exception and are required to line up with the motorcars.

Our plan was to get to the Olgas to catch the sunset. Then we will try to hike the Valley of the Winds walk in the early morning. The problem is its already 1.30pm in the day and the Olgas is another 48km from here. That’s about 2.5-3 hours of cycling just to get there. But then how are we going to go back to Yulara? and be at the Olgas again in the early morning???? Well I guess better not ask…….:)

Awesome Kata Tjuta from a distance

As we were riding along to Kata Tjuta, we were flanked by it on our right and on our left we could see  Uluru. It was a terrific experience along the highway.

Uluru is for tomorrow

Very cycle friendly signage in Central Australia

We are near the Olgas/Kata Tjuta

Leading the way into the foothills of Kata Tjuta

As the sunsets, the rocks also presents itself with a different kind of ‘glow’. It all depends on the mood of the sun. God’s creation is perfectly impressive and put us in awe of whats upon us. It all points back to His perfect creation.

We are so tiny and felt like entering into a different realm.

There are 2 walks in Kata Tjuta. There is a short walk 1.5km and a longer walk (Valley of the Winds). We decided to start early tomorrow morning to walk the longer track as the sunrises. Meanwhile we need to legally not camp (set up a tent) because it’s illegal………so without a choice we decided to

Sleep under the stars!!!! No tents no roof just a sleeping mat and a sleeping bag. Good enough for us as we anticipate to see Kata Tjuta first thing in the morning as the sun rises and walking in the midst of the many ‘heads’ into the valley.

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