Countdown to Uluru

Day 42

11 May 2009

Distance: 131.54km

Total Riding Time: 6hour 5minutes 10secs

Average Time: 21.2km/hr

Today we are riding with Goku. Goku is from Japan and he also started his ride from Melbourne. The first time we met Goku was in Coober Pedy. He is planning to ride to Uluru and maybe find a few months of work in the Uluru Resort. So we took off together with the plan of getting to Mt Ebenezer to set camp.

Something less familiar along the way

Nothing much in between again at times

After riding for a good 1.5 hours there was a welcoming tree shade to hide from the sun for a bit.

Big sand dunes formed along the way. As we got nearer to the Red Center the soil too turned increasingly red. Exciting stuff!

Occasionally, we took short breaks and climb up these sand dunes to try to get a peek on the ultimate landmark Uluru! Though this time round we still cant quite spot itĀ  just yet.

Our route from here would take us into the Lasseter Highway which connects to Uluru. We are planning a rough 400km detour because we want to ride to Uluru and Kings Canyon. Geographically, Uluru is about 200km away from Alice Springs. Uluru also known as (Ayers Rock) can be considered the ultimate destination for us after all these weeks of pedalling.

As weird as it is before the turnoff, there is a big servo for the campervans and shuttle buses to load up on fuel and food. There is this mini Emu farm too in the servo. Can’t quite figured out why Emu are in cages here. Maybe it’s for consumption purposes.

Our aim for today is to ride to Mt Ebenezer roadhouse. There should be a patch to pitch our tents and some shower facilities. Goku decided to ride harder and go ahead first. We’ll meet up with him at the roadhouse later in the day.

Unknowingly under the increased heat of the afternoon we hit the 3000km marked on that moment. We were pretty happy and jumped off the bike for a 3K shot.

We also decide to put Mr Tran on the fly test. The fly test is where the victim has to stay as still as possible and let all those lil’ bush flies buggers rest on the victim’s face. The more flies the better before the victim starts to let loose and smack all of them away. Imagine 30 or more flies crawling into the eyes, nostrils, lips and ears……unforgettable! and try to hold it for as long as possible! It’s funny how all these funny thoughts starts to arise after cycling for many days in isolated places….

We finally got to Mt Ebenezer at about 5.30p.m. It was a small area where campers can pitch their tents and have a good shower all for free. There is also a small convenience store and a restaurant too!

It was a good day!

As we were setting up camp and deciding whether to eat a can of tuna or sardines with pasta, David & Sue cyclists from the Ride2Darwin group invited 3 of us to join the rest for a cooked meal in the restaurant. It was a kind gesture. There were also camping in for the night at Mt Ebenezer roadhouse.

It was a good time of having dinner with a larger group of riders. It was a moment where we all learn more about each otherĀ  with a common interest in cycling.

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